Become Aware of Your Moods

Learn to be grateful when you're in a good mood and graceful when in a bad mood.

Everyone has bad moods. If you're human, you’ve most definitely been in a foul mood - I know I sure have. When you're in a bad mood have you ever noticed how you suddenly feel unhappy with certain aspects of your life? Your partner becomes a nuisance, your career is looking uncertain and you hate your job. On the contrary, when you're in a good mood you love your partner, your career is looking fruitful and you adore your job? It's funny how such quick and drastic contrasts happen to each and every one of us. In low moods we lose our perspective and everything seems urgent. We completely forget that when we are in a good mood, everything seems better.

When we are experiencing a low, instead of blaming our mood (which would be more appropriate) we instead feel as if our whole world has fallen apart. The truth is, life is almost NEVER as bad as it seems when you're in a low mood. Wouldn't it be nice if we rather question our judgement and remind ourselves that of course we are feeling angry, defensive, stressed or frustrated because we are in a bad mood than staying in our bad temper and convincing ourselves that this bad mood is our reality? Right now, you're probably thinking "Duh Gené, wouldn't it be nice? It's a lot easier said than done." I get it! Trust me , pivoting a mood and mindset is certainly not easy.

I'm simply saying that when you're in a down mood, learn to pass it off simply as that: an unavoidable human condition that will pass with time, if you let it be. A low mood, is not the time to analyse your life. You'll simply bring yourself into a downward spiral of negative emotions and that doesn’t do anyone any good! If you do however, have a legitimate problem it will still be there when our state of mind improves. The trick is to be grateful when we are feeling good and graceful when are feeling bad. Life can't be taken too seriously!

The next time you feel low, for whatever reason that may be, remind yourself that "This too shall pass". It will.

Lots of love,

Gené xx

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