Recipe development with health & well-being in mind.

Work With Me
Work With Me
I specialise in creating healthy and nutritious dishes with my knowledge of nutrition, naturopathy and your health in mind. I believe food can be medicine; I use whole and natural ingredients to combine flavours that taste delicious and make you feel great.
Holistic Approach
Recipes with all aspects of your health
and well-being in mind
Inclusive of all dietary sensitives; gluten-free, vegan and low-sugar preferences
Naturopathy student
A wholesome focus on nutrition,
backed by science

From my kitchen to your feed.

Whether you are after a recipe with your product, a reel to share on socials or food photography… I am here to help!

Here’s what the process can look like:

Step 1

We have a chat! I find out what you are after and offer my services where I best see fit. Key ingredients, target audience and deadlines are discussed here too.

I do some research! Using inspiration from cookbooks, and integrating my knowledge of nutrition, I come up with a recipe/s that is best suited to you and your brand.
step 3

The recipe development process begins! I do approximately 3 rounds of recipe testing before finalising your very own personalised recipe/s.
Step 4

I shoot the content! Whether this is in the form of a reel, photography, or both. I style and shoot the recipe, and send all the content off to you!

What the clients I work with say

“The salad you created is absolutely perfect and the shots are so gorgeous (seriously how do you do it!). We are obsessed.”
Wholelife Pharamacy & Healthfoods
“Working with you has been great! Thank you so much, I have loved all your content!”
“The videos are seriously so perfect, you have done such an amazing job! I cannot thank you enough.”
“Everyone raved about the food you catered! So so good!”
“Thank you so much for the content, everything looks absolutely perfect!”
“This content is amazing, thank you so much. You’re a pro!”
“Seriously cannot get enough of your recipes! It’s always such a treat working with you.”
“Thank you so much for doing such amazing work for us! We are all obsessed with your content & couldn't be happier working with you!”
“Your content is beautiful and you are professional to work with! We love working with you.”

Food is symbolic of love
when words are inadequate

Depending on whether you already have a recipe and need content, or are after a developed recipe for your brand, there are many ways that I can help bring your vision to life.


I’ve got answers.

I already have a recipe, but I need some content. Can you help?
Yes! If you have a recipe that you know, love and want to share with your audience, I can do the content. Let’s get in touch, and we can chat more about how I can assist you!
Do you offer catering?
Yes, I can do catering! The max amount of people I cater for at any one time is 20. Send me an email at and we can chat further about what you’re after!
What is the approximate turnaround for a collaboration?
This is dependent on what you are after! One simple recipe requiring just food photography can be done in a week’s time, whereas a bigger project with multiple recipes and different types of content will take longer due to the volume of work. Get in touch and we can chat further!