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It started in 2019, when I was terribly ill in the Philippines with Hepatitis A, a nasty viral infection that attacks the liver. I was unable to fly home due to my fever and was the sickest I’d been in my entire life. It’s important to note at this time that I was on the contraceptive pill and extremely dehydrated (you’ll connect the dots later on).


I eventually was able to fly home, and upon arriving back in Australia, I got straight back into attending dance auditions. Despite my sickness, I went to an important audition 2 days after landing. I ended up fainting in the audition, and this is where a cause for alarm started happening. Not only did I faint, but I also developed symptoms such as tachycardia (resting heart rate above 100bpm), dizziness, fatigue and had lost 8kgs in a week. Not the after vacation ‘glow’ everyone seems to talk about.


I few weeks passed of me feeling this way, I even went to the ER to check what was happening. I kept getting sent home with a referral to a cardiologist and being told I was ‘not sick’. The defeat was all that I felt. My intuition was telling me something major was wrong, but no one could pick it up. A few more days passed, and the symptoms got progressively worse, and a new symptom developed – chest pain. That’s when my parents called the ambulance, we weren’t taking a chance.


Initially, I was admitted with what they thought was a heart attack. However, after a few tests, my d-dimer (blood clotting levels) came back extremely elevated and my CT and VQ scan showed something quite alarming. That’s when I got told I had a confirmed pulmonary embolism – a fancy term for a blood clot in my lung.


My name is Gené, I’m 19 years old and in LOVE with all thing’s health, wellness, taking control of your individual health journey and enjoying life to the fullest while doing so.


I appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to have a look at my blog – it really means the world to me. If you have been following my journey even for a little while, you know I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster with my own health (as most of us have). Before telling my story, it’s important to preface that I had been a full-time dancer since the age of 13. All that was on my agenda, was becoming a professional dancer. However, the universe has a funny way of rerouting our lives to make sure we go in the direction planned for us, and for me, it was quite bigger than I anticipated.

My life had literally turned on its head, I had to go on anticoagulants (blood thinners) for 3 months. While taking this medication, I experienced every single side effect known to possibly happen. This included hair loss, stomach ulcers and internal bleeding just to name a few. Also due to the blood clot, I had been told to go abruptly off the pill and never to go onto a form of hormonal contraception again. Hello, non-existent period and post-pill acne!


Through this turmoil of a journey, I found natural alternatives (because the 12 pharmaceutical pills I was taking a day just weren’t doing any wonders to my body (or my mental health for that matter)). I found a love for eating right for my body, hence the foodie posts on this blog – I feel you, gluten and dairy intolerant friends!


I am now studying for my Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Naturopathy and am unable to dance again, due to the lung scarring and heart issues left over from the blood clot. Through this blog of mine, I hope to inspire others with my health journey, letting everyone know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Click here for my first blog post.
Lots of love,  

Gené xx

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